The Girlfriend Activation System

So I watched a few video reviews of The Girlfriend Activation System on and wanted to post my thoughts on the system AFTER I had used it for a month or so.

OK – so what do I think.

First off, I agree with the video – the program actually works really well. It only took me about 3 weeks to get a girlfriend. Now maybe it was easier because I am a bit older (just turned 23) and it is Summer (I think more girls are looking for guys in the Summer – or at least they are out and about more).

I met my girlfriend Trisha, by following the program step by step.

Now I am not super attractive, but I am not an ugly guy either. But my girlfriend is by far the most attractive girl I have ever dated. She is 20 years old and just my type. Long blonde hair, slender figure and great smile.

So, I wanted to get out and give my support for his program and say it actually worked for me.

Just don’t tell Trisha I wrote this. 🙂